A short, red headed dwarf.


Her hair looked like a big braided torch. She looked away, and up, and sighed deeply as she waited for the Ork to finish his sentence. “I don’t have all day”, she complained. The gun at her side – a shiny, unused Browning – kept finding its way into her hand.


Firefly is a moderately well known cat burglar who specializes in unpleasant jobs. She is most well known for The Trash Job, in which she stole an antique vehicle from a corporate junkyard. A dump truck smuggled her into the facility where she hid inside of a pile of refuse for sixteen hours. While it was a successful run, it earned her a reputation as someone who works best alone, and someone who has a tendency to find the stinkiest jobs.

Less well known are her exploits in the hobbyist community. She has stolen data, art, and blueprints from a number of Saeder-Krupp engineers, and has a special soft-spot for Renraku targets, since they tend to have, as she says, “Very nice things.”


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