Father O'Malley

The benevolent leader of St. Mary's congregation


Father O’Malley is, in many ways, a typical priest. Second generation Irish, he’s done his best to reach out to Dorchester’s disenfranchised Sinless. He offers them shelter. He gives his own time and money and food to help the poor. He offers communion, confession, baptism and rites. And he is the Church’s face when it comes to interacting with Shadowrunners. The conflict of interest – between the Church’s ideals of love, forgiveness, and moral uprightness, and that of the enterprising, greedy, unlawful Runners – has not been lost. How he rectifies those two worlds is something only he really understands.

O’Malley has been truthful in his dealings and fair in his negotiations. The Archbishop has been meddling in his affairs, though, and his brother Phineas has been a constant thorn in the side of both Melody and Stefan. How the priest feels about his distant brother or his superior within Mother Church is a situation currently left unexplored, though the implications are no doubt complicated. O’Malley seems to have access to the Church’s magical assets (via Sister Mary Whitewater) and its Paladins, though how deep those connections go is not clear.


Father O'Malley

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