Shy in person, a devil online.


Evelyn is a Technomancer with a problem; in the real world, she’s a mousy, sheepish woman with no backbone. Online she’s a totally different person – she’s Evilynn, whose avatar is a seductive demoness who pushes boundaries and never backs down. As you can imagine, this creates problems for her in meat space, the greatest of which has been her excommunication. She decided to do some creative editing of the Bible and the Church didn’t take it very well.

Her motivations remain as occluded as her methods. She’s done jobs for free, and seems to be interested in “the Resonance”, a wireless field that permeates the Matrix and is responsible for a variety of unusual phenomenon. For a brief time, she was in Beckett’s employ, a fact that she has not spoken of since she rescued from Lone Star’s prisons. If she has a long term plan for how she plans to escape’s the Church’s paladins, she’s never mentioned it.



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