"Lord" Beckett [[UPDATE: Probably Dead]]

A self-styled "Lord" who has conquered several gangs.


“Lord” Beckett is the leader of Beckett’s Beggars. He claims to have once been a Lone Star marshal, transferred to Boston, who quickly became disillusioned with the way things were being handled in the city. He broke with the force and started taking out the gangs one at a time, only to find a rag-tag group of followers in his wake. Now he is one of the most powerful gang-barons in the city and it isn’t clear what he intends to do with that power.

Beckett is an older man, with gray hair and a heavy frame. He takes a long time to speak and prefers down-home affectation to complex rhetoric. One of his most distinguishable trademarks is the actual crown he wears on his head in public.


"Lord" Beckett [[UPDATE: Probably Dead]]

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