Shadows of Boston

Mr. Faust

Maybe he's a bad guy.

Mr. Faust got screwed, last time the PCs encountered him. He looks a lot like an SS junior officer, big coat, stupid hat and all. We last left the would-be Nazi at the Boston pier, where Melody traded him a bogus violin. The real violin was instead sold to her contact, Miss White, and was never seen from again and clearly will no longer have any impact on the story.

Stefan‘s associate at Saeder-Krupp (Kurt Speilengrad) requested the aid from our intrepid runners after he stole the (unbeknownst to him) false violin from Faust. His intention was to offer the violin to his boss, Anton, to curry favor with the HR executive. Unfortunately having discovered the violin was phony he was forced to curry that favor another way. Fortunately Anton needed Faust’s lab destroyed.

The PCs were assigned an intern (Clair) who tagged along for most of the night. She was largely useless, though she did come packed with a variety of gear kitted for war.

Deadly tricks and traps protected Fraust’s lab. A deadly spirit tried to kill the characters, a trapped room full of blades tried to fool them, and Clair turned out to be Faust himself under a powerful illusion. The underground lab became airborn and took off into the sky. It was only through quick-thinking and excellent piloting that they were able to safely land the zepplin.


Mendrian Mendrian

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