Dr Lees Cybernetic Emporium

“If you wouldn’t mind stepping into the red circle before the operation, you would save me a ton of time cleaning up the blood. – Dr. Lee


Dr. Lee is a real, honest-to-goodness Doctor. Not to say that he’s a good doctor, but he has a PhD, at least. It’s in general medicine and not surgery or cybernetics, but his gear is good and his money clears, so nobody fights him on it.

The Cybernetic Emporium opened up in Dorchester about three years ago. Lee maintains that he’s a legitimate businessman who saw a business opportunity but nobody really believes that. The man isn’t even Asian – he’s Greek/Indian. Some people whisper that he was disbarred from a better, cleaner organization. There are rumors of blood, rot, and worse.


It isn’t a nice place. It’s located in Dorchester, about half a block from a funeral home and a crematorium. A neon sign out front just says, “Limbs, used, bought and sold!”, and if you get really close to the door, you’ll see a tiny piece of paper that just says, “DR. LEE, INQ INSID”. A camera monitors the door, a camera that’s been spray painted to resemble an erect phallus, but there’s really no lock or other security measure.

Inside (next to an ESL center and a recovery agency for chip-heads) you can find Dr. Lee’s office. It’s about three times the size of a simple observation room, complete with last-generation surgical tools (a buzz saw, a sauteing iron, a cooler full of blood) and a heads-up monitor. The ground is usually vaguely sticky and everything metal is covered in tiny flecks of rust. Lee rarely keeps the lights on a setting above “Mood” and everything has a sinister cast.

Dr Lees Cybernetic Emporium

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