Shadows of Boston

Denzo, Way of the Warrior

...or how we killed a bunch of ninjas.


Firefly wasn’t dead after all. Turns out she had a clone stashed in her safehouse for just such an occasion. After she refused to rob Stefan, she tried to contact her Johnson and put out the word she was looking to call off her job. After setting up the clone in a conspicuous place, somebody helpfully shot it directly in the skull. Firefly had seen this kind of work before – an old associate named Denzo.

Firefly told the PCs Denzo most likely had money from his ‘kill’ – at least 25,000 ¥. Further he would have contact information from the same Johnson that had hired her to steal from Stefan.

Meanwhile, our heroes decided to do some more research on these data tapes they had found. After getting a lot of sass from Librarian WhitewaterLibrarian Mary Whitewater, they turned to an excommunicated Technomancer named ‘Evelyn.’ Evelyn told them the tapes do contain human minds, but are far more complex – they are adaptive AI programs, that if unleashed to the GOD (Grid Overwatch Division) would effectively alter the Matrix paradigm in favor of NeoNet, a fate everyone agreed would be best avoided.

After their meeting, the players kicked Denzo’s ass, Kool-Aid-man style, and he coughed up both the dough and the information – a man name Fineas. Fineas is the head of a SecurComm division and is extremely influential – not the kind of guy you want to go up against.


Mendrian Mendrian

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